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The notification and pass system - VnetLPR is the answer to most of the needs of logistics, industrial, office, recreational and commercial facilities. It was created so that it could work with any LPR camera

Watch the video presentation of VnetLPR system.

The system is a response to the need for automation and enhanced security of your business.​

VnetLPR can replace several people engaged in planning and verification of procedures at entry gates and within the facility.

User groups​

logistics / industry / real estate

security agencies


Benefits of


Trust the technology and our experience

90+ implementations and satisfied customers

Recognition of licence plates from 90+ countries

40+ months on the market​

Under 20ms vehicle/object recognition time ​

Compatibility with LPR cameras from major manufacturers​

Own neural-network-based analytics supporting any IP camera​

Company profile:
♦ One of the largest combined heat and power plants in Lower Silesia
♦ 14 hectares of land under protection
♦ Multiple entry and exit gates with barriers
♦ Numerous security staff members
♦ Over 100 employees raising notifications
♦ Hundreds of vehicles and drivers entering, leaving, and moving around the area every day
Implementation goals set and achieved:
  • Central vehicle and driver database
  • Central entry and exit register
  • Shorter document preparation time
  • Standardized procedures and security controls
  • Immediate identification of vehicles parked or moving around business premises

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